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Coffee blending artistery

As old as the history of coffee itself, blending is a technique that optimizes the body, aroma, and flavors of single-origins in order to create new tastes. The goal of coffee blending is to produce a cup of coffee that is superior to each single component alone.

Caffé Trieste, throughout its long-dated experience starting way back in 1950, has mastered roasting and blending techniques conceiving 4 major coffee blends, each with its peculiar aroma to satisfy demanding clients and make their coffee experience memorable.

Unwind with the fresh grind! Your Coffee Store

You can taste these intense flavors at any Caffé Trieste coffee house or even purchase your “freshly grinded” coffee selecting from the following Caffé Trieste blends. At your home Caffé Trieste advises home brewing espresso utilizing the Italian Moka pot system  for full taste & flavor. (Caffé Trieste team will give you optimizer hints to operate with this system).


Qualita’ CREMA

This is definitely a caffeine booster with its high content in robusta beans. It provides full-body taste with rich cream. Advisable for those consumers that aim at a pure “caffeine wake-up shot“.

100 grams / AED 58.00


Qualita’  BAR

It’s definitely a perennial customer favorite.  Qualita’ BAR blend is our top seller and combines the lively, well-balanced flavors of Latin American coffee beans for a pleasant & satisfying taste. No doubts that with “Qualita’ Bar” we believe we’ve hit the “sweet spot” . You can’t go wrong! 

100 grams / AED 75.00


Qualita’  FORTE

“Forte” in Italian means “Strong”, signifying that we are in the presence of a strong and full bodied coffee. This is an ideal coffee for those who favor a bittersweet and rich taste. It will give you the real buzz!  

100 grams / AED 85.00


Qualita’  ARABICA 100% :  

Has gained popularity among our customers as being one of the most flavorful blends we offer. Basically Central & South American Arabica beans that have been roasted to their perfect point and small batch roasted. The aroma of this freshly roasted blend with hints of earthiness and sweet undertones is sure to cause you to unwind and enjoy the restful days of summer.

100 grams / AED 90.00


You can easily purchase your “Fresh Grind” at Caffé Trieste coffee house – Platinum Tower – JLT Dubai or request a Free Custom Price for large quantities sending your inquiry to