STOCKHOLM: IKEA, the world’s greatest furniture brand, said on Tuesday it has begun making defensive rigging, for example, covers and facemasks for emergency clinics doing combating the spread of coronavirus, and expects to step up yield further. Interest for its office furniture is holding up well the same number of work from home due to the coronavirus, Henrik Elm, worldwide buy supervisor at brand proprietor Inter IKEA Group, which is responsible for supply, told Reuters. He said inventory network aggravations had expanded as the coronavirus spread to Europe and America, with breaking down or shut outskirts a key bottleneck. IKEA had anyway been arranged and had the option to alleviate such obstructions generally well, somewhat by spreading inventories to distribution centers in a few areas, he said in a meeting. Elm said he anticipated no deficiencies of wood and other crude materials. One territory of concern was discovering space to store products as of now in travel to business sectors where IKEA has incidentally shut a significant number of its stores.