Cappuccino vs Latte - What is the real difference?


Cappuccino vs Latte – What is the real difference?

Just about the most typical questions I get asked as a barista is, “what’s the big difference in between a cappuccino as well as latte – cappuccino vs latte.”

Within practise they are 2 similar drinks, but there are several key differences which set them apart. These days I will be giving a barista’s explanation about how they are made.

Cappuccino vs Latte

Infograph demonstrating cappuccino vs latte difference

 As observed by the diagram above the primary distinction in between a cappuccino vs latte (aka “cafe latte”) would be the specifications of espresso, milk as well as dairy foam in the drink.

Traditionally a cappuccino has much more foam and less milk when compared with the latte. Additionally a cappuccino has chocolate powdered dashed on top whereas the latte doesn’t (some cafes decide to not dash on chocolate powdered but much more on this later).

In respect to the taste of theirs the two drinks are basically identical. A cappuccino tastes somewhat sweeter as a result of the chocolate powder on top, though it is the structure that you will discover on ingestion. As a cappuccino has much more foam it tastes fuller and may be appreciated by spooning out the foam. Whereas the the cappuccino has less foam and goes down a lot smoother as well as quicker.

Down below you will find directions regarding how to create a cappuccino vs latte. You will notice from the photos the 2 coffees look similar. Though it is what is below the counter that counts.

How’s a Cappuccino Made?

A good example of a cappuccino

A cappuccino is pronounced as follows:

Extract a single shot of espresso right into a cup

Pour steamed milk into the cup

Pour 2 3 cm of milk foam into the cup

Dash chocolate powder on prime (Or maybe you can take a short cut with an instant cappuccino maker).

How’s a Latte Made?

cafe latte in a ceramic cup

A latte is pronounced as follows:

Extract a single shot of espresso right into a cup

Pour steamed milk on the cup

Pour 1cm or perhaps a “finger width” of milk foam into the cup

Latte art is elective What exactly are Lattes as well as Cappuccinos Served In?

Something to note is the fact that countries all over the world serve their lattes as well as cappuccinos differently. For instance in the pictures above both the cappuccino as well as the latte had been served in a ceramic glass. This’s the usual serving technique in the United States.

However in New Zealand along with Australia, a cappuccino would usually be served in a tumbler glass. The beverage is precisely the same, only the vessel is different because of hometown trends.

Does a Cappuccino Have Chocolate Powder On Top?

In order to dash chocolate powder or to not dash chocolate powder? That’s the issue. Effectively, it is the question that triggers the most debate surrounding precisely how cappuccinos are made.

In case you are ordering a cappuccino in Italy you’d not be chocolate on top. Whereas in case you purchased a cappuccino in Australia, New Zealand or UK, you will get a great dash of chocolate powder. The United States differs from cafe to cafe on if chocolate powder is used.

But why can there be such a positive change of opinion?

Well there is 2 reasons.

The very first is the fact that there is no common “rule or maybe standard book” on the way a cappuccino must be made.

The next has to do with neighborhood trends again. AKA making what buyers plan to find. Being from Australia I have consistently made the cappuccinos of mine with milk chocolate on top. This’s precisely how every cafe will do it down right here to be able to provide higher differentiation between a latte as well as cappuccino. Whereas the customers near you might have expectations that are unique.

So must you or perhaps should you not dash chocolate powdered?

The solution rather unsatisfactorily is “it is dependent upon the local trends” of yours. Though I recommend creating a cappuccino both with & with no chocolate powder so that you are able to compare the difference.

What Must you Order? Cappuccino vs Latte

In case you are a fan of chocolate and additional foam, a cappuccino is the drink of yours of choice. But in case you like the coffee of yours with much less foam as well as no chocolate, a cappuccino will be the best option. Try each of them the next time you go to a neighborhood cafe and then let us recognize which one you want in the poll below:

Would you choose a cappuccino or even latte?