3D Printables Transform IKEA Speakers Into Something Cool

Teenage Engineering could not leave well enough alone, plus are currently offering 13 additional customization add-ons to 3D print documents gratis, including an additional degree of the useful and sometimes wonderfully weird on the IKEA Abu Dhabi line.

“It is really simple, enjoyable, playful. You are going to become as a house roadie. Setting up the own sound system of yours and light show. It is decent enough you are able to create a gathering, that day. Individuals are going to appreciate that,” affirms Jesper Kouthoofd, top of founder and design of Teenage Engineering of the whole line.

The inclusion of 3D printable accessories enhances the playful experimental character of the sound line, offering those with permission to access a PLA filament 3D printer available the capability to imbue parts with an amusing amount of character in the type of floor stands, wheels, handles, and holders.

Kouthoofd notes these elements were born of sketches as well as ideas eliminated from the last offerings that have created it to IKEA Abu Dhabi , but perfect as cost-free add-ons to permit consumers and also 3D printer owners the choice to playfully dip the toes of theirs in product design.

You are able to have a sleepover at IKEA wearing Red Hook following month Lull yourself to snooze encompassed by Swedish meatballs and ready-to-assemble furniture during a sleepover at Ikea’s display room for Brooklyn following month. The household goods retailer is introducing a raffle to offer shoppers an opportunity to invest the evening at its Red Hook shop on March thirteen.

The first ever sleepover experience calls for sleep themed games and activities.